We benefit from one of the most efficient and safe types of machines for hydro-static testing based on the full-computerized control system.

We test high-pressure cylinders according to the ISO 6406, ISO 10461, ISO 11623 STANDARDS.

possesses the below-mentioned equipment for inspection and testing the high-pressure cylinders:

  • Hydro-test machine includes:
    – Full-computerized control system.
    – Pressure test hardware: air-driven pump (booster pump), high & low-pressure tubing, valves, filters, – – solenoids, instrumentation, stainless steel container.
    – Two water jackets.

  • Cylinder dryer.

  • Shot blast machine.

  • Inverter.

  • Valving and de-valving.

  • Low-pressure air compressor.

  • Trolley.

  • Gantry crane.

  • Weighing device (=Balance).

  • Marking or stamping tools.

  • Visual inspection devices.

  • Special tools.

Hydro-test equipment incorporates a full-computerized control system and a pressure building-up package system in the control cabinet and two water jackets.

The pressure test system is an easy to use compact structure, with the booster pump (air-driven pump) and other components such as high & low-pressure tubing, valves, filters, solenoids, and instrumentation in a closed box (cabinet).

  • The adjusting outlet pressure is made by setting the pressure regulator.

  • Cras non nunc libero

  • Maximum inlet air pressure: 0.8 Mpa = 8 Bar (120 Psi)

  • Maximum outlet water pressure: 100 Mpa = 1000 Bar (15000 Psi)