health, safety, and environment

This procedure outlines the steps of identification of Safety Analysis of jobs, responsibilities, and activities required to ensure the Job Safety Analysis (JSA) process is carried out consistently, effectively, and efficiently in a formal manner. Implementation of this procedure ensures a Job Safety Analysis is carried out that helps to identify all aspects of HSE associated with a job or process.

This standard shall be applied in MAPSA locations, offices, projects and its subsidiaries.

To ensure that all hazards that personnel (and others) may face are identified, it is advisable to start by considering the working area and all the tasks that are carried out in that area. The premises to be considered are the workplace or areas in control of a particular department. It is better to begin the Job Safety Analysis process with an assessment of the job and the related tasks, which are carried out. A general JSA should cover those matters related to the area under the control of the department where tasks take place, or where the department personnel or others have access, this can include general information such as walking about, evacuation in an emergency, and trespassers. This will avoid having to repeat general matters in each Job Safety Analysis.In order to adequately assess risks associated with tasks a manageable level of detail is required and this requires that some jobs be broken down into component tasks. Each of these component tasks is then examined in terms of its activities, use of plant and equipment, use of substances and materials, processes, and the place where the task is carried out.