Air System consists of:
– Breathing Air Compressors
– Cylinder Cascade Breathing Air storage rack

Breathing Air Equipment

Bauer/Alkin Breathing Air Compressors with the following specifications:

  • Electrically Powered and Controlled 10/21 cfm
  • Diesel Driven with   Electrical   Controls 10/21 cfm
  • Capacity: minimum 9/12 cubic feet/min
  • Input power: 460 VAC 3-Phase, 60-HZ. For the electric compressor.
  • Final Pressure: 3300psi
  • Maximum Pressure: 5000 psi
  • Automatic Condensate Drain with 15-min time delay and shut-off
  • Automatic start and shut-off at low & high compression pressure.
  • Automatically shut down at low oil pressure and high temperature.
  • P4 Purification Chemical Filter to provide Grade D – Breathing Air in accordance with Compressed Gas Association of USA.
  • The compressor is built into the “H2S Unit” container

Sensidyne “Airtec” Air Quality Test Kit complete with tubes for, O2, CO, CO2, Oil mist, and water vapor, to test the breathing air quality of compressor and confirm it to be still within the approved Grade D range of CGA.

6-Cylinder Cascade Breathing Air storage rack:

  • Each cylinder is rated at 3300 psi by USA DOT.
  • Each cylinder can store up to 440 cu ft. of air
  • All cylinders are interconnected with stainless steel fittings, & SS braided hoses.
  • A pressure reducer is connected to reduce the pressure to 100 psi for the air loop system around the rig.
  • The cylinders are connected via ¼” S.S. tubing to the Breathing Air Compressor, and “H2S Unit” back panel for outside connections.
  • The cylinders are connected via 3/8” S.S. tubing together for rig low-pressure air loop system connection.
  • A low-pressure alarm is connected to an alarm at ¼ of full pressure.

4-Cylinder Cascade Breathing Air storage rack: to be mounted or located at the top of rig floor

Breathing Air Certified low pressure (300 psi WP) rubber hose (in 50 ft. sections) to allow for the air loop system from “H2S Unit” to all around the rig. Also to allow for individual usage by work line/escape SCBA’s at manifold stations. (5000 psi WP) rated high-pressure hose to allow for connecting the “H2S Unit” with the mobile Cascade Breathing Air Racks at the rig site.