MAPSA-Kish delivers H2S protection and safety services backed by in-house professionals with expertise in industrial breathing air systems, gas detection solutions, and contingency planning to design a service package that fits your specific needs, ensures safe operations, and protects your people and assets. (Including Equipment Testing, Maintenance& Repair Facilities)

Our dependable, scalable H2S safety solutions allow us to create the ideal respiratory environment for your workers and help mitigate the risks of sour gas exposure during critical drilling and production operations where H2S may be present.

MAPSA-Kish’s Comprehensive H2S Protection and Safety Services Include:

  • High-quality process and user safety equipment,
  • Installation by expertly trained and experienced technicians,
  • H2S safety response packages outfitted to customer  specifications,
  • Grade “D” or ISO 12021 Standard-based breathing air,
  • Electric- and diesel-driven breathing air compressors – Bauer(USA), Alkin(Turkey),
  • 2-, 6-, 8- and 12-cylinder breathing air cascades,
  • State-of-the-art wired and wireless H2S/LEL combustible gas detection intelligent sensors – Detcon(USA) Brand,
  • Mobile H2S/LEL gas detectors – BW Brand(USA),
  • Multi-channel control systems for H2S/LEL combustible sensors -Detcon(USA)Brand,
  • Hazardous location visible and audible alarms,- American Brands
  • Gas calibration kits for H2S/LEL, SO2, NH3, CO2, and CO gases,
  • Extensive H2S training and education.
  • Self-contained breathing apparatus(SCBA) – Scott(USA) & Interspiro (Italy)Brands.

Round-The-Clock Service, Repair, and Support

We meticulously service our H2S equipment and have the industry expertise to facilitate the repair and maintenance of all equipment in our H2S protection packages allowing us to deliver the most reliable service in the business.