Scott/Interspiro Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), are critical in H2S Safty services.

 Breathing Air Equipment

Stainless Steel reserve Breathing Air Manifold to allow for connecting through the low pressure breathing air loop at the following stations, to allow workers at this station to connect with their work line SCBA’s and work with extended duration during emergencies. The manifolds are made of 2” diameter S.S. Pipe with S.S. caps and with S.S. quick disconnect couplings for outlets (depending on how many outlets per each manifold) and an S.S. Liquid filled pressure gauge.

Scott “SKA-PAK-15”, work line/escape positive pressure Self Contained Breathing Apparatus with:

  • Duration:15 minute aluminum cylinder 3000 psi WP
  • Storage: Fiber Glass Rail Mounted storage carrying case.
  • Connection: Foster quick connect/disconnect to allow for ease of connection to manifolds & low-pressure air loop system.
  • To be distributed at manifold stations.

Scott/Interspiro Self Contained Breathing Apparatus ISCBA, with:

  • 30-minute duration aluminum cylinder
  • 45-minute duration composite cylinder
  • Storage: Plastic Storage/carrying case
  • Connection: Foster quick connect/disconnect to allow connection to manifolds.

These SCBA’s will serve for distribution to key locations at the rig site to facilitate extended usage by users while being mobile and unable to connect at manifolds at instances as:

  • Rescue teams for injured personnel
  • Company representative office
  • Rig manager office
  • Radio operator
  • H2S Engineer
  • Mud Engineer
  • Electrician shop
  • Rig Floor
  • Briefing areas

H2S Safety Services Miscellaneous Equipment:

  • Windsock w/swivel frame & pole for wind direction indication.
  • 50 – man First Air Kit
  • First Aid Stretcher
  • Tools to allow H2S Engineer to carry all kinds of equipment service including:
    • Refill hose for SCBA’s
    • Multimeter for Electronics testing
    • Bench Vise
    • Electric Buffing Wheel & Brush
    • All needed wrenches & screw drivers & cutters, and pliers etc…..
  • Of spare parts for Gas Detection & Breathing Air Equipment and others as needed.
  • Multi Language Training material
  • Marine grade armored cable for detection (3000 ft)
  • Wind sock frame with sock and mounting pole
  • Wind direction standard flag
  • Warning light and siren explosion proof, alarm station complete with cable and spare lights
  • H2S large warning sign for side of rig, 4ft*8ft
  • Bug blowers 1500 cfm mini with extension cord as required.
  • Tool box with sufficient tools for installation, and routine maintenance of the equipment.
  • Container for equipment & storage
  • SR-600 High pressure air regulator