Onshore Drilling Rig Package Consist of:

1.The supply of different types (fixed multi-sensor, portable, and electronic, and non-electronic, sampling type)

2.The supply of a comprehensive Cascade Breathing Air Loop System, complete with breathing air supply compressors, storage cylinders, and Work/Escape and rescue breathing apparatus. This system shall provide at time of Gas Detection and Alarm for essential personnel, who will be responsible to control the well during emergencies, an extended period of time under fresh, breathing air, to allow for non-essential personnel to escape to safe briefing areas, and for rescue teams to rescue any injured persons during H2S emergencies.


3.The safety supervision, performed by qualified personnel at the rig site, to install, commission, and maintain good condition then H2S Safety Equipment, to train rig personnel and service companies on H2S Emergency procedures and use of the H2S Safety Equipment.


Due to the high risks of H2S on location, we propose to provide a complete and comprehensive H2S Protection UNIT, which shall include all gas monitoring and alarm equipment, Breathing Air Equipment, spare parts, accessories, workshop and tools, training materials, and reporting materials as follows:

Item No. Qty. Description
Item No. Qty. Description
B. 1

Gas Detection / Alarm Equipment

Detcon Model 8-12 AFB, 8-Channel, Fixed Gas Detection System (one set for H2S Gas and one set LEL Gas) consisting of:-

  •  Main 812 AFB Control Panel
  • Controller Cards for H2S / LEL
  • Explosion Proof Sensors for H2S/LEL.
  • 5-hour battery standby for Power Outage.
  • Audiovisual alarms (Explosion Proof)
  • A lot of cables enough to install the system on location.
2. 12 nos. BW Technologies Electronic Portable H2S Gas Detector for H2S Gas.
3. 3 nos. BW Technologies Electronic Portable Multigas Detector for H2S, LEL, and Oxygen Deficiency.
4. 2 no. Sensidyne Syringe type Ambient Air sampling pump with tubes for detection and measuring H2S and SO2 in ambient air (Only if requested by client).